What is IRSME

All Deptt PHOD.xls

A need has always been felt in Railway hierarchy that there should be a list of Group A officers in SAG officers of organized services integrating them in one list. Sh.S.K.Bnasal has taken much pains to this horrendous job in bringing out such an integrated list of officers right from SAG and above up to GM and Members. This list has been prepared as based on DOITS issued upto PHOD level and for the rest of officers, it has been prepared on the basis of date of joining the post. The postings have been indicated upto 1986 batch and to the extent possible for others. It may be noted that the serial number shown in 1987 batch and beyond indicate their respective seniority in their own deptt. only. At the same time, the officers superannuated up to March, 2013, have been deleted to make it updated to the extent possible. It need to be noted that this is not approved by the any government authority, so it is bound to reflect some mistakes, which are purely unintentional. But, surely and certainly shall be able to give a fair idea of one’s seniority vis-à-vis other officer of different service/cadre. Honest feedbacks shall help in improving it. Even healthy criticisms are also invited. Reader’s inputs shall lead to more accuracy. So friends, just go through this list and let us know about your feelings, errors in compilations, suggestions for improvement, inputs to correct and also word of appreciation. If you feel satisfied, please tell fellow officers to have a look at this effort.