What is your creepiest childhood experience

I only have two memories from before the age of six when I moved a few states away from the home I grew up in. The first is taking a sip from a pop can and discovering that there was a bee inside, and the second was abruptly leaving the swing set in my yard to walk to the edge of the hill it was on top of. I saw what I assume were two ghosts (because if they weren’t, WTF). They were two men wearing army uniforms and carrying a casket between them up the hill towards my house, maybe 30 feet from coming into contact with me. I ran into the house and locked myself in my bedroom. 20 years later my sister still has the same memory as well. I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, but I do believe something weird happened that day. Today I explored Reddit to collect as many people’s similar experiences as possible, if everyone has a weird story like this, maybe there is some credibility to ghost theories.

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1. “Good night”

I was out hunting in Northern Ontario, no roads (except for a logging roads) with in 130 km, i was late on the bear season so no one was out hunting in my quadrant. I found a nice camp site along side a river and hunted from there, on the second day of my hunt i came across the bear tracks i tracked it for about two hours, and then turned around.

This is when shit got very fuckin weird, i always track on one side of the tracks and return on the other. About 200 meters down the east side of the tracks i ran into another human foot print which disappeared across the trail and into the woods on the west. My dog (czech wolfdog) didn’t seem to smell anything, so i returned to camp with minimal concern.

I got back to camp at around 7:30 at night made a quick dinner and had a cigar by the camp. At around 12:00 i heard a snap of a branch, after hunting for 20 years only two things snap branches, bears, and humans. I grabbed my firearm and a flashlight and went out after the noise. every 100 yards, i would scan with the flashlight. my dog freaked, started growling and advancing into the woods slowly, i pulled back on my leash to slow his advance and switched on my flashlight. I saw a pair of eyes looking right back at me, it stared for about five seconds and disappeared into the woods. on the walk back i felt anxious, scared, and uncomfortable i could feel someone watching me.

the next night, the same thing happened. My dog went wild, like i have never seen him he was whimpering, growling, and clearly very anxious. at this point i was terrified, i didn’t go hunting that day and didn’t close my eyes once. That night i sat up with my flashlight, constantly scanning the tree line. I guess i dozed of at around 1 and woke again at 3, i was sweating, confused, and very scared. i scanned the forest, and just barely visible about 25 yards in the forest there was a man and his dog, he was looking right back at me. i stared to approach him, shouting to him. I got with in 10 feet, he looked awfully disheveled and stank, the worst part was that he just stared and smiled his eyes showed zero emotion and whispered “Good night”.

i ran back to my tent, packed it into my pack and loaded it onto the trailer of the atv and drove out of there.

2. Can you hear me?

I have two stories!

When I was about ten, I was reading in my room late at night. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and on my way back to bed I stood right in front of a woman figure. She was gold and spongy looking, but you could just tell it was a woman. I stood there saying to myself, “Shut up, it’s just your imagination.” So, I put my hand out to touch her and she moved her hand out to do the same. I ran and jumped in my bed scared to death.

My mother had died about nine years ago. She had been very sick, mentally as well as physically. We had a bad relationship. A few months ago I was laying in bed, almost asleep, when I heard her voice, crystal clear as if she were in the room with me. She sounded angry and scared and yelled, “CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” A split second after, my baby boy wakes up crying.

3. Near miss

Years backs I was traveling Labor Day weekend to the beach. It was a three hour drive and the highway was quite congested. I was driving at a steady pace lets say 70 mph right along with traffic. Anyway I’d been driving behind the same car for miles and the same car behind me so I was aware of who was around me (that matters at end of story). Anyway I go to light my cigarette and my lighter isn’t where I put it last. I’m searching all over my car and nope no damn lighter anywhere. I get off the next exit and to add to my irritation take the wrong way off the exit. So I turn around and find the closest gas station. I run inside to buy a damn lighter and I jump back in my car and sitting on the passenger side seat is my fucking lighter. I was so confused! I would’ve seen it there. So I go to get back on the highway and traffic is moving at a snails pace. As I drive a little bit down the highway I see the car that was in front of me flipped on the side of the highway and the car behind me was on the other side of the highway along with a few more crashed cars. It had just happened as there were no ambulances or police. I was in shock. Intense emotions were flooding my head. I got off the next exit pulled over and sobbed. I have no idea what would’ve happened to me if my lighter hadn’t gone missing but it was pretty obvious that the outcome wouldn’t have been very good.

4. I saw a man wearing a Fedora in my bedroom

I woke up a few nights in a row around the same time in the early morning hours, looked the the end of my bed (husband next to me), the room dark, and sat up to a dark figure wearing a fedora-type hat, in what looked like a trench coat. No facial features, just black. It appeared to have a male form. Like I said, no facial features, but I still felt like it was staring at me, and it was really pissed off at me. This happened a few nights in a row. I did some “research” (looked it up on the internet) and found other people have experienced something similar. Some people attribute it to sleep paralysis, but I have seen shadows before in previous homes, just not like this one (in both form and the extremely threatening presence).

So, who knows. But it was creepy as all hell.

5. My whole family was gone

I was four-years-old. We held something of a family reunion down at my grandparents’ huge, two-story house in southern CA. My relatives were down there, all of them, and we were invited to just sleep at my grandparents’ place as opposed to checking into a hotel. So, we were all spread around the house in various rooms while I slept with my mom on the floor of my grandparents’ room. I still remember the pillow I was using, a purple-red Pocahontas pillow. Anyway, we fell asleep after bidding everyone a goodnight…aand after a few hours, I woke up. It was dark. And I was alone. This sounds bizarre and makes no sense, but I distinctly remember waking up and not finding my mom next to me, or my grandparents in their bed. I guess my young mind hadn’t quite grasped the horror of the situation, because after tugging away their bedclothes and finding nothing, I decided leaving the room would be a brilliant idea! I searched the whole house, left the lights out (for fear of waking anyone, but you’ll see why that’s weird in a sec), jumped on air mattresses, beds, you name it…and everyone was gone. My parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents… I was completely alone. And the cars were still there, in the garage and out. After searching the house, I went downstairs and curled up on the sofa in front of their big-screen TV, noticing the clock read 2:37. I fell asleep, I guess, and awoke to my mother frantically looking for me because I wasn’t there when she woke up. Everything was back to normal, unlike when darkness fell.

I could chalk this up as sleep paralysis or a simple nightmare, but I don’t remember any of my other nightmares and I remember all this with crystal clarity, even to this day, nearly 20 years later. Still freaks me out. I have no clue what could have happened!

6. Shadowy Spiderman