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Ticwatch E (3.5/5)

The Ticwatch E is a simple, fitness-focused Wear OS watch that impresses with built-in GPS and GLONASS for more accurate run tracking. It offers the usual features, though, as with all Wear OS devices, you'll get more from pairing it with an Android phone than an iPhone, because then you can answer calls and texts from the watch. The Ticwatch doesn't have an LTE connection, so it relays those calls and texts from your phone.

I preferred the more affordable Ticwatch E ($159) to the slightly more expensive S ($199), because its design is cleaner. The E comes in three colors: black, white and bright yellow-green. When I showed the black version I was testing to an anti-smartwatch colleague with discerning taste, he said he would actually consider wearing it. (I was shocked.) Unlike cheaper smartwatches, the band on the Ticwatch E was comfortable to wear all day long, and it's also interchangeable for adding a less-sporty look to your smartwatch.

Size: 44 mmBattery life: About a dayHeart rate? YesBuilt-in GPS? YesLTE? No

Credit: Tom's Guide