What relationship feeling is this

Many of you reading this article probably know a lot of these 7 positive feelings that come from successful relationships. That’s because when you’re with the right person, they just arise naturally, and both people can enjoy them.

The person you’re with should always make you feel appreciated, beautiful, and cherished in your relationship (as you should with them). You and your partner should form a team that’s stronger together than either of you ever were on your own, and help each other climb to new heights of happiness.

All healthy couples do these 10 things.

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So without further ado, here are the 7 most incredible feelings that grow out of a successful relationship:

1. Excitement

The best relationships inspire passion in both parties no matter what’s going on.

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When your partner walks through the door, are you excited to hold them in your arms? To kiss them? To want to do nothing but run your hands all over their body?

Successful relationships turn on the passion at the start and never turn it off. It might cool slightly for periods of time – like after children are born – but it never dies completely, and it always gets rekindled.

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2. Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important feelings possible in a relationship. It’s the base line for everything else in the relationship to grow.

Without comfort, you can’t have trust. After all, how can trust grow if the two people aren’t comfortable telling each other anything and everything that’s on their mind?

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The comfort between you and the right partner grows and grows, until they’re someone you can talk to about anything – whether you’re laughing or talking about something really serious – and you can be lovers and best friends wrapped up into one.

3. Consistency

The thought of your relationship ending should be the last thing on your mind.

That’s because you and your partner know how to engage with problems and work through them, rather than letting them work you over.

You know that you love each other too much to let your relationship end over something silly.

He’s there to take care of you, just like you’re there to take care of him, in sickness and in health, no matter what.

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4. Safety

This circles back to comfort, which circles back to trust. Being with your partner should be a completely safe experience for you, you should never fear them.

It’s OK to worry if they’re mad at you or if they’re upset about something, but that should never spill over into physical violence.

If you’re ever afraid your partner is going to be physically violent towards you, something is seriously wrong. If you don’t feel safe with them, they’re not the right person for you.

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5. Hope For The Future

You and your partner should share a vision of the future together – one that involves both of you.

It could be a house, children, it could even be travelling the world together. The important thing is that whatever it is – it involves both of you, and neither of you are going to let it go.

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6. Willpower

Being with the right person raises you up, instead of pushing you down (or leaving you flat).

When you spend time with your s/o, do you feel like you could conquer any challenge? Overcome any obstacle? Take on the world?

Your partner is your best friend, and they’re also the person to push you when you need it, to help you see your success and materialize it, and push yourself towards your own internal happiness. If you don’t have their support, what can your relationship possibly survive on?

7. Gratitude

A feeling of gratitude is key to any successful relationship.

That’s because in a great relationship, both partners wake up and thank their lucky stars that they have each other. When you’re in the middle of a relationship, it can be easy to forget how hard it is to find someone that you “click” and connect with, so being thankful that you’ve found the person for you is very important.

Each and every day you should both take the time to compliment each other, cherish each other, and love each other, and give thanks that you’ve found the right person for you.

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In summary…

The Most Important Feelings In Every Successful Relationship

  1. Excitement
  2. Comfort
  3. Consistency
  4. Safety
  5. Hope for the future
  6. Willpower
  7. Gratitude