Whats it like to be dead

I'm neither a religionist nor an atheist. Both of those require faith that something which has not been proven is true: religionists believe in a god (and, usually, an afterlife), and atheists believe there is no god or afterlife. I'm an agnostic; I'm willing to admit that I don't know.

If the religionists are correct, you're going to be facing heaven or hell. Some religions take hell as worse that the "nothing" of having no afterlife. If the atheists are correct, you won't know or care: you just wink out and the universe goes on without you. You can't hate what you aren't aware of.

As an agnostic, I admit to the possibility of a god, or unifying force, or direction of some kind in the universe; there might be an afterlife, or at least some awareness might continue. I don't reject that, but I also consider it possible that I'll just wink out and know nothing else ever more.

Life gets better. You can make it better. It's all you've got for now, and might be all you get. Sometimes it is hard, but you've got to take the bad to get the good. Some people have theorized that only from suffering the bad, do we know the good when it hits us.

Your attitude is just that -- yours to control. I choose to believe in the good in people, even though I also see that they can commit bad acts. I've been around this planet over half a century now, and I can see that, while it's often two steps forward and one step back, over time life is better and better.

You don't have to be Mr. or Ms. Sunshine all the time. Don't be the Grim either. Learn. Participate. Help. Love. Accept love. Grow. Contribute. It takes time and isn't easy, but it's worth it.

Source(s): Existentialism says there's no heaven and reward for being good, and no hell with its punishment for being bad. The good you do, you do for its own sake. I'm an agnostic existentialist: I just don't know about this god stuff, but I feel that doing good is its own reward. I lean towards something explaining the organization I see all around me and throughout the universe. There is this quantity called entropy, which some explain as the measure of randomness in the universe. Science holds that entropy always increases in any physical system, or at the least stays constant. It just might be that life violates this scientific "law." Maybe that's as close as technology will ever get to proving god and understanding what it is like to "be dead."