Which city is an introverts paradise

Okay, I'll cut to the chase: if you (or your family) love shopping, the night life, or milling about with tons of folks on the beach, STAY AWAY FROM CSB. You will HATE IT! Instead, go to Destin or Seaside on 30A. You can thank me later.

On the other hand, if you like peace and quiet, don't mind driving for groceries or restaurants, love what feels like your private beach where fires and pets are allowed, then CSB is your paradise!

There are 2 general stores on CSB that sell everything: gas, basic groceries, fishing gear/licenses, ice cream, fresh donuts, beer, etc., which helps with last minute items as well as not having to drive 30 minute to Port St. Joe's Piggly Wiggly. Knowing this in advance, we packed in all our meat, chips, cereal, drinks... FYI: the Piggly Wiggly doesn't sell beer or wine. Not sure why, but just a heads up. Also, produce isn't always the freshest.

The bay side (about 6 miles wide) has some access points and at it's deepest point is 25'. The majority of the bay is shallow enough to wade, full of sea life, and in certain seasons, a scallop hunter's dream. As there are sea urchin and stingrays, be sure to wear water shoes with thick soles. If you like to snorkel, the bay is the side to investigate but FL law requires a diver down flag, which you can rent/buy on CSB at the general store or rent at the State Park.

As an avid road cyclist, I biked all over the area. The roads are in great condition with a wide enough shoulder on CSB as well as the roads to Port St. Joe and Apalachicola. I rode at sunrise (to avoid heat) and there was literally no traffic, just the occasional local but they all shared the road. But if road work scares you, then you'll love the 2 lane bike path that runs the entire length of CSB.

CSB and the Port St. Joe area are well-maintained, clean, quaint, and charming. We felt safe, enjoyed the locals as well as the low-key vibe of the region.

Like I said a the beginning, CSB is an introverts paradise!