Which musician has the most unique voice

It's easy to parody of Neil Young's singing voice. Dana Carvey did it masterfully on Saturday Night Live back in the day ("Dead dog lying in a ditch/ Cigarette smoker's got an itch"), and Coldplay's breakthrough song, "Yellow," was created when Chris Martin was screwing around in the studio doing a Neil Young impression. Back in the Sixties, Young's high voice limited his career. He wrote many of Buffalo Springfield's best songs, but bandmate Richie Furay, who had a more conventional voice, was asked to sing classics like "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" and "On the Way Home." But Young's early solo hits, like "Cinnamon Girl," proved beyond any reasonable doubt that only the man himself should be singing Neil Young songs. And his voice has held up remarkably well, all these decades later. Listen to "Mr. Soul" from 1967 and this past summer and it sounds like Young has barely aged at all.