Which party is ruling Kerala now

In Kerala politics, socialism has democratic role. In Kerala the communist parties are also elected democratically. It is elected via parliamentary democracy. Kerala is one among few such regions in the world. In current day Kerala politics there are two main political alliances. They are the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF). The Left Democratic Front is led by the CPI(M), and the United Democratic Front is led by the Indian National Congress.

Currently LDF is ruling. The Keralites are politically conscious and takes part in the political activities. They are well aware of the political happenings around them. Kerala’s government comprises of the executive, legislature and judiciary. The self governance in Kerala is done through the Panchayats and the Municipal Administration. The self government is very important as it plays a substantial role in implementing the works properly and formulating the policies. In Kerala the local government includes Gram Panchayats, District Panchayats, Block Panchayats, Municipal Corporations and Municipalities which constitute together to form a total of 1214 local self government bodies.


NameAbbr.IdeologyPositionPolitical Alliance
Bahujan Samaj PartyBSPDalit Socialism and secularismcentrist(N/A)
Bharatiya Janata PartyBJPConservatism-Cultural nationalism and free market/Economic nationalismcentre-rightNDA
Communist Party of IndiaCPICommunismFar-leftleft Front
Communist Party of India (Marxist)CPI(M)Communism and Marxist-LeninistFar-leftleft Front
Indian National CongressINCSocial democracy and social liberalismcentre-leftUPA
Nationalist Congress PartyNCPSecular democracycentristUPA