Who exactly were the Master Race

Hitler thought that the Germans should be the dominant people. He wanted a perfect race. To get the perfect race, he didn't want any other blood or genes except those of Germans. Therefore, he didn't want Jewish or any other types of blood to be considered German, like those of the Mischling. Hitler's perfect race was to have all Germans and no Gypsies, Jews, etc. But Hitler thought that people with blue eyes and blonde hair were perfect, and fit the ideals of his master 'Aryan' (perfect) race. Hitler's perfect race was no minority, (e.g. Jewish, Gypsy, ect.) and blond hair, blue eyes.This was described as Aryan or "pure". Hitler himself had dark hair and dark eyes and because of this did not want to father a child of his own as it would obviously not fit into the ideals of the Aryan race. Hitler's ideal 'Germanic type' had fair hair, blue eyes, was slim and tall, didn't smoke, didn't drink much, wasn't a substance abuser - was also chaste and had no trace of any 'unwholesome' sexual desires, such as the homosexuality and sadism for which many of his closest followers were notorious. The ideal Germanic type was, to repeat a joke that circulated in Nazi Germany, 'as slender and healthy as Goering [a notorious, very fat heroine addict], as tall and fit as Himmler, as chaste as Goebbels [adulterer] and as blond as Hitler'.