Who is Anupam Kher

Being a professional actor for over 35 years has not been easy. In my journey of over 500 films and over 100 stage plays, I too have had my share of ups and downs. My training was the only thing that not only helped me survive, but more importantly, thrive. I call acting a science because, like most sciences, it can be researched, experimented, learnt, taught and perfected.

I started my career as an acting teacher and had nurtured a dream of establishing my own training institute. From this passion, Actor Prepares was born and I am proud to claim that it is India’s best training institute for aspiring actors. Our task at the school is threefold – identifying, training and grooming raw talent into a breed of disciplined actors for the next generation. Students of ACTOR PREPARES are taught with the most modern methods, techniques and tools. Training is imparted by qualified teachers and the courses are designed under my guidance and infused with my experience and learnings. The training is hands-on, interactive, immersive and intense. This ensures that when the students step out into the professional world, they are well equipped to face the challenges of any medium — be it stage, television, film or digital.