Why am I so unmotivated at school

Why Am I Unmotivated And Lazy?

After constantly having been overlooked when it came to interesting projects at work, you have finally been entrusted with my first chance to show what you are capable of… you are so excited! You are a hundred per cent certain you will do an excellent job and become a shining example to your co-workers.

You will get started straight away and immerse yourself in work – well, after you have finished watching this program of course. After all, you are allowed one hour off, right? And then an hour turns into a day, a day off is followed by a second and your are slowly starting to dread the thought of your ever-increasing workload more and more. You resign to the fact that maybe you are just a lazy, unmotivated bum with no self discipline that will never amount to anything and eventually, you even find it hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

But maybe if you spent a little time pondering on why you are so ‘lazy and unmotivated’, you would have a much better image of yourself.

Caring too much to be motivated

Why do you strike yourself as so lazy and unmotivated? You keep torturing yourself with the same rhetorical questions over and over again and never come to an answer. Is it because you don’t care enough? That’s highly unlikely. If that was the case, you would be happily indulging in your procrastination right now. But you are not. It is hard to believe, but most people lose their motivation not because they simply can’t be bothered and don’t care enough, but because they care too much.

Those who, like you, appear lazy and unmotivated, really are diligent employees who attach a lot of importance to the quality of a job they are doing. They put so much pressure on themselves that sometimes it stops them from even starting on their work altogether.

But how can you overcome your lack of motivation if you can’t even simply try to ‘care more’? By seeing your diligence as an asset. Many a time your work will be considerably better than your colleagues’, without you even knowing about this. This is exactly because you care about your work, as opposed to others who simply make do with what came to them easily.

Perfectionism equals laziness

Directly linked to the first point, it may be surprising to hear that one reason why you are so lazy and unmotivated is because you are probably a perfectionist. Remember your childhood? Were you, too, obsessed with drawing the perfect picture… and soon gave up on drawing altogether, disillusioned because you realized it would never come out in that perfect way you used to have it in your head? Why try when it’s never perfect anyway?

So a considerable part of your laziness and motivational low is really just disillusionment. How can you overcome this though? By remembering that even if perfection is not attainable, simply because you strive for it your work is going to be classes better than that of other people who, after a certain amount of time just decide that ‘this will do’.

So how can you overcome your supposed laziness? By seeing it as what it really is – as quite the opposite of what it looks like. How can you motivate yourself again? By gaining a better opinion of yourself and using the reasons for your laziness and lack of motivation as the assets they really are. And pretty soon, motivation will come easy to you, too!