Why are all talk show hosts liberal

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Wednesday 04-04-2007 2:24pm PT - Who Is Mike Malloy?... Mike Malloy came to talk radio by accident. Writing for CNN in 1987, a friend at an Atlanta radio station told him there was an opening for a talk show host on the weekends. Malloy gave it a try and found a home. His radio experience includes WSB-AM in Atlanta, and WLS-AM in Chicago. Mike's nationally-syndicated program can be heard weeknigts on affiliates of the Air America Radio Network and on XM Satellite Radio.In addition to writing for CNN (1984-87) and CNN-International (2000), his professional experience included newspaper columnist and editor, writer, rock concert producer and actor.It is not difficult to pigeon-hole Malloy politically. Generally speaking, he is a traditional Democrat working to return the Democratic Party to its historic liberal roots. He is married, with six children and five grandchildren.