Why are we Indians so pretentious 1

Seriously, I don't use the word "hate" a lot but I really do hate people like you.

I live in England too and can I just say that it is NOT full of Indian people. The UK is 92.1% white British. We are undoubtedly the majority. I bet you vote for the BNP and support the EDL or something. Seriously stop being so facist and racist.

But really, why does it matter who comes to our county? Is there some kind of law that says that people from one county have to stay there their whole life? Why? We don't OWN the country we live in. A country is just land, it doesn't matter who lives there and where they come from.

Immigrants actually really benefit our country and bring in a lot to our economy, and to our culture. Also, you can't generalise and say "all Indians" are rude. I live in Birmingham which is one of the most racially diverse cities in the country. I have met a lot of Indian people and the majority have been really lovely.

And really? You think being like Jay from the Inbetweeners in a compliment? People laugh AT him, not with him, because of all his bullsh*t. From the way you're talking, you sound more like Neil: a complete idiot.

Grow up and stop being so racist.