Why is humanity a failure

Over the past 6 thousand years of our recorded existence, history has repeated itself.

Humans aren’t that great at being different. We fight, we steal, we murder, we rape, we do everything we swear on our past we wouldn’t do and attempt to make the world a better place, but it isn’t.

Same shit, different millennium.

The only thing that has changed is the methods we as a species fail at. We murder each other with bullets instead of swords. We curse at each other in english instead of greek(unless you speak greek, then this doesn’t apply to you).

Occasionally, there are instances or people who restore our faith in humanity, but it barely makes a dent.

Three things this blog assumes.

1. Humanity is inherently a failure

2. Humanity has always been a failure

3. Humanity is doomed without a Deliverer

What does that mean?

That means we can’t can’t fix the world, change the world, improve the world on our own. In fact, we are the problem.

A person with the selfish arrogance to assume humanity can save itself rests on the fact that they have never read a history book. Humans never win, only compromise and tolerate.

Perfection is the only vaccine that would cure the disease of humanity.

Imagine if someone was actually perfect to right all the wrongs we do.


That’s right, we dropped the Sunday school answer, but only because it is true.

Jesus, who is God’s own Son, died for the human race, destroying the depravity that we sit comfortably in.

Humanity is a failure, Jesus isn’t.

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