Why my prayers are not getting fulfilled


There are 5 duas I'm begging ALLAH to get them fulfilled khair o afiat.

But its not happening... my patience level is getting exceeded.

Life is so tough for me. Everyday I wake up I cry to ALLAH to please bestow this blessing on me.

Then throughout the day I silently beg ALLAH in my heart... I WANT it .. I NEED it!

Ba still things are not getting changed. Only ALLAH can get them changed. Then I think ALLAH is not pleased with me,  and that's why he is causing me to suffer. WHAT should I do?! I feel sick. AND sometimes I fall into ingratitude and I know it's so bad to be ungrateful but I'm not. I'm grateful to ALLAH for everything. Because ALLAH is the Most Merciful so I ask this extra blesing.!

Is there anyway to make your dua get accepted?  I've tried many ways, like doing midnite prayers, seeking Shab-e-QAdr and fasts ,,. BUT what should I do??? PLEASE help your little sister.. her life can get changed!

Like this:



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