Will soccer soon replace cricket in Australia

17th over: Australia 57-1 (Warner 25, Labuschagne 13) de Grandhomme to Warner, who takes one to square leg that nearly causes some bother between the wickets before both batsmen reach their ground. Is it just me or does running between the wickets become far more of a talking point when Labuschagne is out there? Maybe that says more about how many hours he has batted this summer. More an issue when he’s partnering with Smith, to be fair. They’re a lock for a run out soon.

“Matt Henry is very much like the Chris Woakes of New Zealand Cricket,” writes Sachin Paul. “I have never seen him have a bad game or be his side’s worst bowler, yet when they have to cut a bowler, he always seems to incur the wrath of captains and selectors because of other iconic duos (Branderson/Bou-thee) or the new exciting thing (Ferguson/Archer). I’m hoping 2020 will see Woakes and Henry and their brand of quiet excellence shine.”

To an extent, I agree. Henry does plenty right. But I do understand why Ferguson got the chance at Perth before everything went wrong. I’m not sure we line up on the same view of Archer, either. He had to play the moment he was eligible. Henry’s still off with this thumb whack, by the way. Back on soon, we’re told.